Political Incorrectness: Another “No-No”

by CJFosdick on January 30, 2009

Guess what? Another “no-no” has been added in the list of “Political Incorrectness”. It is no longer acceptable to pause in a classroom and have a moment of silence for either prayer or reflection on the day. My first reaction was, “You gotta be kidding!” But it’s true. In fact, now public school teachers can no longer say aloud, the word, “prayer”. Why? Because even the word, pra — oh, I forgot I can’t use the “P word.” Because this “puts pressure on little kiddies in our classes to learn about religion, and we must absolutely, never ever, ever try to influence their little minds toward religion.” This was the decision of a federal court judge in Indiana.*

Think of the ramifications of this decision. Say the teacher is telling her students about the landing of the Pilgrims in 1620. She says, “They disembarked from the Mayflower, knelt on the shores of the New World, and said a — a — I can’t say that word, but they said one and you’ll have to guess what they said. The kids probably imagined, “said a bleep.” Suppose an English teacher is talking about the Shakespeare play, King Richard the Fourth, where the “P word” is said. Shakespeare is recognized as the greatest playwright who ever lived. Does teacher say “Blank” because he can’t say the “P Word?” Suppose an art teacher is teaching about the great art of the past? Can she show Durer’s famous painting, “Praying Hands”? Probably that has to be condemned to the trash bin, too. What about singing “God Bless America” before a ball game? That song IS a prayer. Must it go? Wanta bet, though, if teaching about Muslims, the teacher can say, “Muslims PRAY five times a day.” I’m sure this would be acceptable.

This, folks, could have far reaching implications. The issue of having a quiet moment in the classroom aside, think about how much of history, great literature, inspirational music, famous masterpieces, and so on are taught in our public schools that have religious themes? Must we discard it all because no one can now say the word “prayer” aloud in a public place? If you want to be concerned about pressing conservative issues, please get involved with this one. From now on, if this decision is not challenged, the Congress of the United States cannot even be told, “Let us bow our heads in prayer.” In fact, they will no longer be allowed to pray.

Wake up and smell the coffee, America. We need to stop this “Political Incorrectness” now!  Nip it in the bud! Fight for our rights to pray and say the word “prayer” in public.

*Fox and Friends, Fox News.com 1/23/09

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