Political Politics: Release of Secret Documents, Opening Pandora’s Box, Part 2

by CJFosdick on April 29, 2009

Obama opened Pandora’s Box by releasing top secret documents. It was not for openness as Obama claims, but just political politics at work. All four of the last CIA directors and the current director, Democrat Leon Panetta, has gone on record as saying this was a huge mistake, that top secret documents SHOULD REMAIN TOP SECRET. Panetta reasons, “Their release will harm America.” It certainly already has. Keep in mind at the time the best legal minds determined that these enhanced interrogation methods were legal. They were used sparingly with doctors present and only on the most recalcitrant terrorists known to have information on further attacks. What is more, these methods worked. The information gotten kept America safe from further terrorist attacks. This is provable. So just how did these released documents open Pandora’s box?

CIA moral: Obama promised that operatives using the enhanced interrogation techniques in 2002-2003 would not be prosecuted. As in the past, Obama often says he will do something, then he turns around and does just the opposite. He did with this. Now anybody, from those who followed the orders to anyone giving the go-ahead, may be prosecuted, including President Bush himself. Obama’s decision already has had a profound demoralizing effect, not only on the CIA, but also other organizations like the FBI, Homeland Security, and ICE. All operatives now have to CYA (cover their own behinds) to make sure the Obama administration won’t come after them. There is no way in hell that they can operate effectively with this threat hanging over their heads. Their ability to guard America against further Terrorist Attacks has been rendered almost ineffective because of fear of reprisal.

Dividing America: This decision has already separated further an almost hopelessly divided nation, and as investigations, prosecutions, and biased media coverage develop, America could completely break. The alienation between Democrats and Republicans is already hurting America almost beyond repair. Remember how Obama promised he would reach across the aisle and be a bipartisan president? To fan the fires of hate in such a divisive manner as to rule decisions made by his predecessor are illegal when at the time they were found legal almost precludes any chance of mending the partisan breach in Congress. For one administration to go after the previous administration is more like what happens in third world dictatorships, not America. In the words of Bill Crystal, a leading political analyst, “It is pathetic for an American President to do this.”

A gift to our enemies: Now our enemies know just how far America will go in interrogation if captured. They have nothing to fear as they prepare for the worst we can do, which frankly is so little now, that if captured, they have nothing to fear. A lot of the success of interrogation comes from fear of what will happen as much as the pain or discomfort of the interrogation. In fact, knowing the limits helps them brace for the worst.

Misconception of the effectiveness of enhanced interrogation techniques: If you have noticed, several sections of the released documents have been blacked out, no reason of why given. Openness was the reason given. For claiming to be transparent, Obama is hiding the positive results. The only reason I can guess as to why is because he was playing political politics and wanting to hurt the Bush administration. This retroactive inquisition of a former administration will have far-reaching implications for America’s future. BUT, Pandora’s Box has been opened and nothing now can stop all the escaping problems.

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