Political Politics: Everyday Heroes and Heroines Part 1

by CJFosdick on April 22, 2009

American Interests and Political Politics

On 9-11 the Terrorists struck hard, struck with a vengeance, struck with death and devastation unparalleled in our history, thinking they would blow America asunder with their diabolic and evil acts. They were sure that America had become a fat and lazy cat: selfish, weak, shallow, and indifferent to anything except sex, money, sports, fast food, and a self-indulgent existence. Little did they realize, the people of America – just common men and women – would rise up, and become the everyday heroes and heroines of America. Remember that day, America? …

…I had heard rumors that the release of state secrets pertaining to enhanced interrogation techniques used in 2002 and 2003 was imminent. On the morning of April 15, 2009, the last thing I heard as I turned off the morning news, was that President Obama said he would not allow their release. I was thankful. But, when I turned on the evening news, I heard that these state secrets had been released. So, the president of the United States once again apparently lied to us, the American people. Said he wouldn’t and then he did! Obama upheld the release saying it was “for transparency on a dark and painful period of American history.” In all honesty, Obama used political politics with this decision, not what was good for American interests.

“A DARK AND PAINFUL PERIOD IN OUR HISTORY!” Come on, Obama. America was still reeling from the 9/11 terrorist-inflicted carnage on American shores that killed nearly 3000. We were desperately trying to keep Al Qaeda from attacking us again. Far from being a dark and painful time, this was a period of shining American valor, of Americans standing together shoulder to shoulder, of our resolve to make it through with our pride of being Americans and our honor intact. I have never heard where you, Obama, were on that day. Why didn’t you volunteer to go to war against our enemy as thousands of brave American heroes and heroines did? You certainly were of the right age. What did you, as a leader, do to rally people to stand firm? WHY WEREN’T YOU AN AMERICAN HERO? I KNOW! YOU WERE AGAINST GOING TO WAR. It’s comforting to have you as our president now.

And if our government used some “enhanced interrogation techniques,” not torture, to get vital information out of captured enemies, I AM GLAD! And so are millions of American Conservatives and Liberals both. Guess what? These techniques worked. Fully one-half of the information the CIA got that saved America from future attacks were from these supposedly “torture techniques.”

Since then, I have heard the message over and over and over that America Tortures. THIS IS THE MESSAGE GOING OUT TO THE WORLD. To every corner of the earth, to all our enemies, to Al Qaeda, to all the other terrorist groups, to countries that hate us. Don’t think this won’t mobilize them more?

I was taught as a child to respect the office of the president, even if I cannot respect the man filling it. I do respect the office of the president. But the man who tarnishes America to the rest of the world, who gives our foes such a PROPAGANDA BONANZA, who uses party political politics to try and hurt the previous administration, not considering American interests — YES, YOU, OBAMA, THE MAN FILLING THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT — YOU SOLD AMERICA OUT TO OUR ENEMIES. SHAME!

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