Protecting Libyan Airspace: A War of a different Stripe

by CJFosdick on March 28, 2011

Conservative Issues: War with Gadhafi

Let me see if I have this right. After the Libyan uprising had been going for several days. Hilary Clinton, Obama’s Secretary of State, announced before President Obama (I’m pretty sure it was before) that Gadhafi, Libyan leader, needed to stand down.
Of course, Gadhafi didn’t. At the first of the uprising, the “Freedom Fighters” seemed to be gaining ground on Gadhafi’s army, but outmanned and without adequate force of arms, Gadhafi turned the tide against those who were fighting him, started killing his own citizens, and gained much of the ground back that the up risers had fought for and gained. In this time period, when it looked as if Gadhafi might lose, but after Hilary said so, President Obama said very vocally and forcefully that Gadhafi had to quit. Period. No question. This tyrant of forty years could not continue as Libya’s leader. By this time, many pundits were calling for the world powers to form a no-fly zone over Libya to help the freedom fighters win over Gadhafi. President Obama wibbled and wobbled as France and England decided to form this fly-over zone.

Then, Obama left for Brazil on a previously planned trip/vacation, while Hillary continued to push the No-fly Zone idea. Finally, it was taken to the United Nations and they voted for the No-fly Zone with China and Russia abstaining, because they felt it is not in their vital interests to have the no-fly zone. Obama, the United States president, not the Congress, decided to join, but not lead the effort.

From then on something resembling chaos descended as some countries such as Germany  and Turkey dropped out and wouldn’t support the UN’s decision, the Arab Union joined at Hillary’s urging, (They sent a whopping four planes to help) and no one, absolutely no one wanted to lead this little-thought-out- and-barely-planned mission. So no one was in charge, yet plans were hastily made to start the operation. Obama insisted that America was not in charge. But we followed willy-nilly into the fray. You know, “Ours not to question why; ours but to do or die”* syndrome. Obama also insisted that this was not a war; our goal was strictly humanitarian. We wewre not trying to get Gadhafi to step down, and, get this, Libya is not in America’s vital interests anyway. Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense, said Libya is in our vital interest, and Hillary tried to smooth out the discrepancy between what Obama and Robert Gates said, saying Libya itself is not in our vital interest, but that the whole mid-east is, so that is why we are bombing the daylights out of the Libyan army. Everyone now insists it was about two weeks late to form the no-fly zone, that the freedom fighters had Gadhafi on the ropes and we would have removed one more world tyrant, but since our goal was never to remove Gadhafi from the scene anyway, why worry about the late entry?

Meanwhile, Obama got home from Brazil, strode confidently from his helicopter smiling and waving as a triumphant Caesar should, only to find out he was locked out of the Oval Office. Of course, the press downplayed this part of the fiasco, but I am not making this up. Now, somewhere in the meantime, not sure exactly where, Hillary was telling folks that this humanitarian endeavor has been a grand success, and that this non-war has saved hundreds of thousands of lives in a week. Hundreds of thousands? Come on, Hillary. Isn’t that a stretch? Oh well. Whatever.

Back to the war that isn’t a war. Robert Gates conceded that this non-war is not really in America’s vital interest, Obama is crowing like a rooster because it looks like a success because the rebels have reversed and are back to taking over Libyan towns they once gained control over, then lost control over, then gained control over again with the help of the no-fly zone. But if the War/aka Kinetec Military Procedure is not in America’s vital interest, why the ding-dong should we be spending a billion dollars a week of money that America does not have anyway?

That is not the point. Early on Obama said, “THERE WILL BE NO AMERICAN BOOTS ON THE GROUND!!! But guess what? Super sleuth Bill O’Reilly got a couple of knowledgeable military experts on his program who say that of course America has boots on the ground in Libya. There are always boots on the ground in these exercises because this way we don’t bomb innocent civilians by error. This is the only understandable fib Obama told, because it may be a secret of war that the world shouldn’t know there are American boots on the ground. The knowledge may lead to losing some American lives of those soldiers who are in Libya right now. I waited for heads to roll on that one, but no one seemed to object to this expose`.

Anyway, I forgot to insert somewhere in the above that there is a great deal of speculation going on right now as to what kind of people is the Free World supporting anyway? Are they just simple people yearning to be free? Are they perhaps Al Qauda hoping to benefit from the downfall of a forty-year brutal leader, wanting to perpetuate Shira Law and the terrorist’s hold on the Mideast? No one knows, but we are supporting them and we are apparently now winning. And from a humanitarian viewpoint, does it really matter that the people we are helping are our enemy in two other wars? I mean, saving lives is saving lives regardless of friends or enemies!

I forgot to mention that sometime in the last week, no one wanted to lead this action, not France, not England, not the United Nations, certainly not America. But through hard work and diligence, Hillary got NATO to lead, and because NOTO is led by an American, I guess America is at the helm, only Obama keeps insisting we are not.

About a billion dollars worth of American missles were lobbed at Gadhafi’s tanks in a week’s time. From the very important meeting in Brazil where Obama promised billions of dollars worth of aid to help a Brazilian oil company to drill oil wells off their coast, again money America does not have and in spite of the fact that Obama won’t support America’s oil companies with money or even permission to drill off America’s coasts, Obama announced that the United States would support France and England in United Nation’s No-Fly Zone, but did not consult Congress which is, after all, on vacation. Nor does he take much time to inform Americans about this decision to go to war, certainly no major speech. Which is not a war at all, merely a “Kinetic Military Action”. War is where you kill people and break things, and, after all, even though we are killing Gadhafi’s soldiers and destroying his tanks, we won’t call it a war. (Wink, Wink!) Meanwhile, Hillary traveled around, working tirelessly, and apparently did much of the behind the scene planning making the non-war go more smoothly. And Obama, who said at first this exercise would probably last only a few days, now says, perhaps a few months, maybe years. Who Knows?

So the non-war continues its humanitarian mission with America in charge, but only not really, on a poorly-stated-mission, blindly killing people and saving lives, perhaps those of America’s enemies. Oh, Liberals, does this not make you proud? No, not really. Libs are mad as wet cats at Obama for taking us into yet another war. And others are asking why Libya? Why don’t we go into Syria, or Yemen, perhaps even Saudi Arabia? How can the kind-hearted Americans not help these poor, down-trodden folks, too?

Seriously, what Americans need right now is Jack Bauer to come, and in 24 hours, right what is wrong with this war, forgive me, non-war, assuming there is something wrong with it. At any rate Jack is retired, and America is on her own, win, lose, or draw.

Oh, one more little, insignificant factoid: people are now calling the Kinetic Military Exercise, “Hillary’s War.” We are not sure if Obama decided to call it this in case the effort fails he won’t be held accountable, or if people just recognize who has done the most to make us succeed in spite of ourselves. Have a good night, folks.

*”Charge of the Light Brigade” by Alfred Lord Tennyson

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