Race Revisited

by CJFosdick on February 10, 2012

“The legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. is being hijacked by government welfare programs.” So says Martin Luther King, Jr’s daughter on the anniversary of his birthday, January 10, 2012. “When Martin Luther King, Jr. made his famous speech, “I Have a Dream”, the African American family was intact with a father and mother and the children living together. Big government has mangled civil rights and my father’s dream. Big government has defeated his dream of Civil Right’s original intent. By paying people who have children out of wedlock, we are now looking at 70% of children in poverty being raised in single parent households. Fewer and fewer fathers now live with their children and wives in the family unit. The family was fragile in the 1960s, but not broken. Now, African American family life has totally collapsed.

In 1964 the government spent $5 billion on the War on Poverty. By 2010 the government spent $558.8 billion (Adjusted for inflation.) None of the programs for poverty say to kids living in poverty to be great, to go for the top, be a scientist, be an engineer. They might be encouraged to get an Associate (two year) degree, but not go any farther. Nothing has ever been designed to lift people up out of the ghettos and in fact, there seems to be an effort on the part of government to keep people poor and on welfare rolls. Charles Payne, Economist.

Payne has lived both types of lives when he was a child. One was good when he was the son of someone in the Armed Forces traveling from place to place. and one was depressed when he lived in a ghetto. He says of his ghetto life that his moth worked hard to get food on their table, came home tired, and tried to keep her kids out of trouble. She noticed that many other mothers living in the same place she was living, eating better food than she could get on her pay, and not working. She apparently decided not to work as these others had it better than she did.

The Brooking Institute, from a recent study, shows that if you graduate from college, and marry before having children (both men and women) you have only a 2% chance of being in poverty in America, and you have a 77% chance of earning above the median income. At the current time, unemployment in the African American community is 16% and there is a 25% poverty rate for African Americans. Poverty is a scourge on America.

Threats of racism are on the increase in America. Anyone who seems to displease some Liberals is accused of being a racist. Here is an example. The New York Times wrote that Romney is “the whitest white guy running for election in a long time.” According to this article, Mitt Romney’s whiteness conjures up visions of retro America of fathers working for big corporations. The article does not say that Romney is nor is not a racist, but that racists love him. This is a nasty strain of political analysis and is getting thrown at America more and more often. According to the article, “There is a, wink wink, strain of Americans who want to return to an America of the past, with white picket fences and mothers who don’t work outside the home. These people want to return to the Jim Crow days.” According to Karl Rove these people are laying the groundwork for an Obama loss so they can claim it was racism that defeated him, not his flawed actions. Or perhaps the reason is being done to mobilize the African American vote this year for Obama. The Obama Administration is active in promoting the idea of racism as a factor in voting patterns. For example, Eric Holder recently said, “I’m a partisan lightning rod. Both President Obama and I are targets of racism. People want to get to him as president because he is black.”

Accusing everything on race cheapens the real race issue. When we so quickly and cavalierly jump to race and accuse any and everything that displeases us on someone being racist, we ignore true racism when it is an issue. With the cries all the time of racism, America will never heal from the scars of real racism that unfortunately still hang on in some parts of America. In fact, such wholesale use of the race card actually exacerbates problems between the races that have lain dormant for years. People need to be very careful of jumping to conclusions when race-baiting has been used. Consider the source and don’t let your ire and negative feelings against those of a different race arise. America has worked too hard to put the scars of racism behind us to let things unwind now.

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