Senate Healthcare Bill: Merry Bleeping Christmas from Mean Uncle Harry Scrooge

by CJFosdick on December 23, 2009

Please note: The remaining parts of the message on the economic problems of everyday folks will be continued later, being interspersed with other blogs.

Harry Reid has proved to his fellow Senators that he is, indeed, Scrooge in disguise. First he has denied the Senators the right to go home for Christmas vacation under the guise of the supreme-must-rush-absolutely-has-to-be-done-immediately-if-not-sooner Senate Healthcare Bill. Did you know that if this bill is NOT PASSED by Christmas, folks are going to die because they won’t have healthcare; that people will lose their jobs without its immediate passage; and that American economy will suffer a tremendous blow from which it might not recover? Second, mean Uncle Harry Scrooge has the Senators working over weekends and passing bills at midnight, all done IN SECRET behind closed doors without all the Senators in attendance. He plans on holding the Senators in Washington to vote on the Senate Healthcare Bill either Christmas Eve or even Christmas Day. Hey, don’t the Senators deserve a Christmas break? Don’t their families deserve to have their loved ones home for the holidays? If this isn’t mean, I don’t know what is.

Senators and your families, “Merry Bleeping Christmas from me, Your Mean Uncle Harry Scrooge. But this bill must become the law of the land for a Christmas present to the rest of the country before our whole country falls to pieces, people die, unemployment spirals, and doomsday approaches.”

Somehow, however, I don’t feel sorry for the ninety-nine spineless, gutless Senators (other than Uncle Harry.) Why don’t they just walk out on Uncle Harry, tell him, “We’ll see you in January,” and go home for the holidays. Be there for their children and rest of their families. Even if a handful did this, what could Uncle Harry do? Oh, I know, withhold funding from their states, pull them from powerful Senate committees, or give them some other odious punishment. It seems that Mean Uncle Harry Scrooge Reid is not really their uncle, but actually their father and he is punishing his children as if they are naughty children. Well, the ninety-nine Senators had better watch it or Santa won’t come — or if he does, they’ll get a lump of coal or a switch in their stockings. Well, Merry Bleeping Christmas to you cowardly, weak-willed ninety-nine.

In fact, Republican Senators have not been included at all in any of the proceedings. They have been completely cut out of any say in the Senate Health Bill. Why in God’s World don’t they assemble on the steps of the capital as a united group and very loudly, noisily, signs of protest waving, complain about being prohibited from any input on this bill. The healthcare bill is something of such a huge magnitude, it affects one-sixth of the American economy, written almost entirely by Harry Reid. Is mean Uncle Harry Scrooge really this powerful?

And what about us out here in the conservative beltway? Are we going to just slink off like whipped puppies, our say in government completely silenced because our elected Republican Senators have been completely eliminated from any say in the Healthcare bill? This healthcare bill is being foisted off on all Americans even though something like 65% of Americans disapprove of it. Our letters, phone calls emails, and Tea Parities have had no affect on our elected officials.

SO, MERRY BLEEPING CHRISTMAS TO AMERICA, FROM MEAN UNCLE HARRY SCROUGE REID. But guess what, in 2010, we Americans will give you, Uncle Harry,  and other  Democrat Senators an early Christmas present in November. We’ll vote you out of office.

“So Merry Bleeping Christmas to you Democrats in 2010.”      From the American people.

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