Spiraling Downward

by CJFosdick on August 25, 2015

Americans are worried. We are scared. And most of us have no idea what to do to stop the forces besetting America in today’s world. Yes, sure we can vote for a different president, but not for a year and three months when the next election is. We feel America is spiraling downward. Each day presents new problems for us to cope with: economic disaster, wildfires destroying the west, lingering drought, EPA rules destroying agriculture, problems with people who came to America illegally, anchor babies, and the  Common Core that has given the Federal government power over our educational system, and growing tensions between races. On and on it goes.

Worldwide, there seem to be growing threats from all over. Isis is growing and spreading rapidly. Iran, Russia, China, and in fact, most of the world no longer fear us or respect us, and the world seems to be a powder keg just waiting to blow up.   We just found out recently that North Korea is threatening war once again with South Korea. Remember North Korea now has atomic weapons and a very unstable dictator that might do anything.

We flounder around on trying to remember the no-no’s coming from political correctness, coping with studies that pretty much confirm in our minds that anything we eat is dangerous and any lifestyle we choose is the wrong one, on and  Pundits play games with us trying to tell us which threat is the most dangerous, which will kill us faster — a poor diet or an atom bomb from Russia or Iran, or maybe even something like being killed by an act of nature such as a tornado or wildfire. Does it matter? Death is death!

It has become impossible for us common folks to tell what is truth or fiction what we read or hear on TV or the radio. Politicians on each side of the aisle tell it from their own viewpoint. Example is the question of whether or not Hillary Clinton broke any laws with her unique method of handling her emails when she was Secretary of State. Liberals try to gloss it over, while Conservatives feel she broke laws and put our national secrets in danger. And then there is the “Trump Eruption”.

The bottom line here is that many Americans have lost hope. We feel the American dream is dying, that the current generation will not have the liberties or chances to live the life once dreamed of. I myself now have feelings of doom and gloom about America’s future that I never had before. I have lived through many threats to America in my 70+ years, and I feel the current downward spiral is the worst of any we have faced.

The downward spiral we here in America feel is taking place that proclaim doom for the American way of life is actually very real. Let us look at some statistics:
The Human Freedom Index has determined that America comes out 20th in the world’s freedom index, which rates the world’s countries on which have the most freedoms. Last year’s rating from the same group put America at 17. We have dropped below three more countries in one year’s time. In the top freest countries are Hong Kong, Denmark, Canada, and Ireland. The United Kingdom (England) places ninth in this index. That puts us eleven above the UK in this index as having less freedom.

The reasons for this drop in freedom are based on the steady growth of government, increased regulations on businesses and labor, increased invasions of privacy from  the war on drugs and the war on terror, and increased use of eminent domain.  The Freedom Index seems to have hit things right on the head.

Going further, America’s corporate tax rate is the highest in the world. Last year, 81,000 pages of new regulations were imposed on Americans by our government. Obama Care took over 1/6th of America’s economy. Coal is the cheapest form of energy, so our government has placed more regulations on the coal industry, which many experts say will kill the coal energy and thereby raise our electric rates, plus putting more unemployed out on the streets. The EPA has placed so many new rules on farmers and ranchers that they see their say in how to run their own farms dwindling.

I could go on, as this is just the top of what is going one in America. It is scary and depressing to actually see statistics confirming our worst fears. America is definitely spiraling downward and we citizens need to realize this is not just overactive imaginations at work, but the weakening of America.

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