2010 Mid-Term Election: Tea Party Candidates or A Message to the Republican Elitists

by CJFosdick on October 12, 2010

Tea Party Candidates: Message to the Republican Elitists: (YOU KNOW WHO YOUR ARE.)

Hey, guys, I’ve got news. The primary is over and Christine O’Donnel, Tea-Party favorite, has won. She WILL BE the Republican Candidate in the mid-term election whether or not you like it or like her. I know, snobs that you are, you think Christine is terribly flawed, that she has no chance of winning Delaware’s senatorial seat, and you just wish that Sarah Palin had never backed Christine in the first place. You even acknowledge that after Christine beat the incumbent Republican, she was so broke after the primary, she had only about $6000, but within forty-eight hours, she had over a million dollars amassed for the mid-term election, gained by donations from all over America. Apparently, the folks of Folkland do not agree with your dripping-with-snobbery commentary that Christine is a mistake. They have put up their money to support her. THE LEAST YOU CAN DO IS TO SHUT UP YOUR MOUTHS. YOUR SILENCE WILL HELP SUPPORT HER.

If your objections were not so similar to the hue-and-cry that you did after McCain had tapped Sarah Palin, we in Folkland might be more inclined to listen to you Republican Establishment Elite types. All the primaries are now over. With your diatribes, you cannot influence voters in anymore races to vote for an established veteran. What on earth are you trying to do then? Convince people to vote for a Democrat? No, most of you have stated that to elect enough Republicans to outnumber the Democrats is and must be the main goal for which Republicans strive. If you felt so strongly about Christine, you should have stated your objections BEFORE THE PRIMARY. Are you sure you are not just showing off what you think is a superior intellect and grasp of political knowledge?

It would make better sense for all of you to now support Christine in her race to be Senator. Because it is 100% certain that either she will win the election or her Democrat opponent will. There is no other choice now, and all you are doing is dividing Republicans, and in your own odd way, defeating them and helping the Democrats.

LAY THE HELL OFF CHRISTINE. SHE IS THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE. TRY TO USE YOUR INFLUENCE TO HELP HER WIN. Try to use your influence to help Republican Candidates win any race in America. And if you can’t say something nice about Christine or the other Republican candidates you don’t like, don’t say anything. Isn’t this what your mother taught you when you were young? “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.” If she didn’t teach you that, you are not too old to learn it now.  Since I am old enough to be some of your mothers, I say take heed. Cool the negative criticism.

If Republicans are to win, we need everyone’s support.

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