The Afghanistan War: How NOT to Win a War Part 2:

by CJFosdick on November 6, 2009

I have often thought that it is a good thing that America did not have to fight World War II under the same criteria as the War in Afghanistan is being fought.     AMERICA WOULD HAVE LOST.

Why? Well, for one thing, we went into the war with one thought in mind — to win — to win at all cost. There was no halfway measure. Everything in our country was geared at winning. Even Hollywood movies were patriotic, portraying war themes and the greatness of America. Patriotic music abounded. Movie stars and baseball players with promising careers left them to join America’s fight for freedom. The whole country put its support into the fight in many different ways. One was to buy War Bonds to help fund the war effort. My family bought War Bonds weekly with every paycheck. America was at war and every phase of American life was changed to help fight and support this war. Not so in today’s world. Many of us barely know the war is being fought as it does not touch our personal lives. Only the soldiers and their families lives are touched.

Back then, there was NO TALK of exit strategies. Our exit strategy was to win, period. Nothing short of total victory was even contemplated, let alone voiced. “Freedom must be backed up with tremendous strength, because it is under attack throughout the world” (Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York)* It would be like the New York Yankees, winner of the 2009 World Series, deciding that if they hadn’t won the series by the end of game five, they would back out and concede to Philadelphia. Both teams fought a hard battle to the end; neither gave up or ‘exited’ the series before the final out was called. That, my friends is victory, and in the case of Philadelphia, is losing with honor, because that team never gave up either. It is not this mishmash, idiotic idea of having an exit strategy. I feel that, in World War II, if some members of Congress required an exit strategy when the war started, they might have been tried as traitors back then. Today, war strategists cannot even plan the best way to fight a war without including an exit strategy. Nothing like cluing the enemy in on how long they need to hang on so that they can win as we exit.

Any idiot knows this. Yet, we have notable people, such as Senator John Kerry, Senator who fought in Viet Nam, then threw his medals away and urged America to get out of that war, saying recently that it doesn’t matter if America in Afghanistan doesn’t stamp out all of the Taliban. We cannot do that. If there are pockets of resistance left after the war, this won’t hurt.** In other words, Kerry is urging, in effect, that we just use halfway measures. Again in the 2009 World Series, if the Yankees had the attitude, “Well, we know we cannot win all the games; let’s just try to win the first, the third, the fifth, and then of course we better win the seventh, but if we don’t — oh, well, we tried.”  John McCain, war hero, Senator, and former presidential candidate, said, “Halfway measures (to win the Afghan War) won’t work.* Halfway measures in any war or game or in life itself, or any human endeavor of any type will not work. If we are going to do this war, let us fight it out to the bitter end. That’s what America did in World War II. AND WE WON! American victory is what America is all about.

Finally, President Obama himself, said that he is uncomfortable with the United States signing with Japan in World War II on the USS Missouri signaling American Victory and the defeat of the Japanese.*** This was a proud day in America. I remember it vividly and I was only about five.  This was a proud day in America. I remember it, vividly and I was only about five. Yet our “great and wonderful” president is uncomfortable with the signing showing Japanese defeat. Way to go Obama! Now he is wishy-washy-ing around on how to fight in Afghanistan. Well, President Obama, Rush Limbaugh said it, “THERE IS ONLY ONE THING TO DO (IN AFGHANISTAN) WIN!***

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