The Afghanistan War: “What Did You Do Today … For Freedom”* Part 1

by CJFosdick on November 2, 2009

“Today at the front, he died … Today, what did you do?
“Next time you see (or hear) a list of the dead and wounded,
ask yourself:
“What have I done today for freedom?
“What can I do tomorrow that will save the lives of
“men (and women) like this and help them win the war?”

What did you do for freedom today?

What did you do for freedom today?

The above is not from a poster about the importance of winning the war in Afghanistan. It is from a World War II poster. It was intended for our parents, grandparents, and those alive in the very crucial year of the Second World War between 1941 1n 1945. Are you old enough to remember those years? I am. And I have been accused of being taught to be A RED, WHITE, AND BLUE PATRIOT. THIS IS TOTALLY, ABSOLUTELY TRUE. I AM a proud Red, White, and Blue citizen of the greatest country that has ever existed, the country that shows the best way to the rest of the world, the “American Way. I, too, “get a lump in my throat”* when I think of America’s glorious past.

What ever happened to this mindset of devotion to our country, this attitude held by most Americans back then — this vital attitude of ‘God and Country’? What happened? “Political Correctness (or “reeducation”) happened. Lack of God’s name happened, lack of personal responsibility happened, lack of personal integrity and honesty happened, lack of respect and loyalty to our country happened, lack of being an American happened.”*

Luckily about half of the Americans today still believe this. These Americans are the ones who have volunteered to fight in Afghanistan — and parents, wives, sons, daughters, and friends who have let their loved ones go and fight to keep America free, and to liberate others worldwide so they, too, can know the boundless happiness of being free.

WE THE PEOPLE MUST SUPPORT OUR TROOPS IN AFGHANISTAN. WE AMERICANS MUST LET THE CONGRESS, OBAMA, LIBERAL MEDIA, FAR LEFT PROFESSORS, AND KOOKS KNOW THAT NOTHING SHORT OF VICTORY IN AFGHANISTAN IS ACCEPTABLE! Well, forget the Kooks. There were Kooks in World War II also, people who wanted peace at all costs. These included Benjamin Spock, famous pediatrician and ‘Lucky Lindy’ who was the first to fly solo across the Atlantic. But, by far, the majority of Americans did everything they could to defeat the enemy and keep America’s valued freedoms intact. If they were not fighting on foreign shores, they were fighting over here in America on the home front, and believe me, the home front helped win the war.

There is NO HOME FRONT today to support our troops who have volunteered to give their lives for freedom. America has lost our reason to be over there fighting. Let me refresh your memories. We are fighting a terrible world-wide enemy — violent, determined Muslim Jihadist Terrorists, whom right now are divided into different groups, such as Al Qaeda and the Taliban. If America backs out of Afghanistan, or fights it half-heartedly without trying to win, this world-wide threat will strengthen. These terrorists have vocalized their goal is to wipe America off the face of the earth. The terrorists will strengthen. Hard-gained victories in Afghanistan, Iraq, and even here in America, will be for naught. Lives lost — precious American lives — will be in vain. And Heaven Help Us if the various factions of Terrorists globally ever get strong enough or decide to unite. America and the rest of the world will be back in the Seventh Century being ruled by Sharia Islamic Law, where women, homosexuals, the young, minorities, and infidels will have no rights. Think about it. Do you want this kind of life for your children and grandchildren?

*World War II Posters, no source listed

Shirea Law

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