The American Dream: 2011

by CJFosdick on December 13, 2011

My husband and I are not wealthy. We are retired everyday folks in our 70s, a couple of stiffs who worked all our adult lives, mostly making much less than $60,000 a year together, as teachers. We paid our taxes year after year after year. I didn’t mind doing it, and I wasn’t envious of the super-rich in America. If my husband and I had felt getting rich were important, we would not have picked teaching for our life’s work, and we certainly would not have chosen to live and teach in rural America, near a small town of about 700 people, while running a small cattle ranch and raising three beautiful children who gave us seven grandchildren that we cherish. It’s been a wonderful, fulfilling life, and there is very little I would change if I had this life to live over again.

 I think the super rich in America are being hosed by our government’s tax program and continual attacks by the administration. They pay 90% of the taxes paid, and are called the “Filthy Rich” who don’t pay their fair share of taxes”. In every speech President Obama makes, he emphasizes this idea of the rich not doing their fair share, creating terrible class envy. I firmly believe in capitalism, in the American dream, and in working to make our own American Dream come true. Catch the word, “working”. The American Dream is not going to fall in your lap; it won’t come all at once. Not unless you win a lottery or your rich uncle leaves you his money. Be willing to take any minor job, something you know you don’t want to do forever. Work hard, dream big, and you, too, can gain the American Dream still in today’s America.

 What we did, we did on our own, with our own money we earned. We started with nothing, just a couple of kids fresh out of college with teaching degrees, owning only a pickup truck and an old Studebaker. There were no student loans back then, so we were not saddled with massive debt when we graduated. BUT, WE WORKED WHILE IN COLLEGE, WORKED SUMMERS, TOOK ANY JOB WE COULD FIND, AND YES, WE WERE LUCKY. OUR PARENTS HELPED US, TOO. We both had a dream of getting an education, raising children, and having a ranch, and by golly, we fulfilled these dreams. Don’t try to tell me middleclass people in America have had had it hard and are going farther and farther behind, while the rich just keep getting wealthier and wealthier. We are typical middle class Americans. Our standard of living has gotten better and better through the years after World War II, even though the bottom fell out of things in 2008. Yes, there have been a few years of hard times. But we Americans are pretty lucky to have been born in America. Poor in America are nowhere near as bad off as poor in any other country in the world. We need to give thanks for our blessings instead of grunching and griping all the time. It’s the Christmas season. Look for your blessings and thank whomever you believe in for his/her bountiful blessings. My husband and I? We thank God. We think this gives us a winning combination that has paid us off in our lives: dreaming big dreams, defining our goals in life, working hard, and having faith.  

 Have a Merry Christmas and count your blessings.

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Dave December 28, 2011 at 9:42 pm

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this. I hope that more Americans can wake up from their daze in time to realize that the American dream is not about being rich, or about envying those who are more affluent than ourselves.


CJFosdick January 19, 2012 at 2:01 pm

I’ve been off line for a while, but want to thank you for your comment. I have a new book you might enjoy, “Our Wolrd Turned Upseide Down. It’s about America before Obama, and then about his presidency and how he has turned our world upside down. Costs $12.00 plus $5 for S&H. If interested, please contact me through the contact form above. Have a nice day.


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