The Conservative View: A World turned Upside-Down

by CJFosdick on June 8, 2009

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Political Issues: Part 2, Obama’s First Four Months

The political issues most pressing in America right now are with Obama’s turning our world upside-down.
He promised change, but little did I think he could change the face of America as drastically and as rapidly as he has. I have heard that people who text and tweet often, get mental problems because they are bombarded with so many short, fast messages their brains are incapable of computing it all, let alone understanding and internalizing the raw data. So it is with Obama’s tricks with our economy, laws, and questionable appointments of cabinet members, czars, and now a Supreme Court nominee. There has been too much too fast to assimilate. Daily, sometimes thrice daily, there are new issues with which we Americans have to grapple, almost all of them very scary and incredibly upsetting. The America we know has been turned upside-down in Obama’s first four months in office.

The conservative view varies from gritting our teeth and hoping for a Congressional Republican Upset in 2010 to talk that we may have to have civil war to stop Obama. I am far from thinking civil war yet, but I also do not think waiting for two years is possible. We are on a collision course right now with Socialism, and already Obama has put in place much of the groundwork to make this change — government ownership of the auto industry and banks, giving more and more power to unions while taking power from the people, appointing czar after czar who are answerable only to Obama, not Congress or the people. He has sixteen now, and talks of more. Perhaps the scariest is a czar to set the pay scale for corporate CEOs, not just ones that borrowed federal bailout money, but throughout America. What is the purpose of these czars? Isn’t this just Obama’s way of surrounding himself with little “Yes” People, giving himself more and more power? Other dictators have gone down this road. Soon these czars could become heads of a state police soldiered with Obama’s required Volunteer Youth Group.  Paranoid? Not in the light of what is happening in America now. Remember Hitler’s Youth?

I believe Obama has an agenda, and not a very secretive one at that. I believe almost everything he does and says fits in with his ultimate agenda — power and control.  I think he has bought into the vision that he is a latter-day messiah who knows what is best for 310 million other Americans and he alone can fix their “broken, miserable lives” in his notion of a perfect America: level the playing field, socialize health care, cap and trade energy production giving us vast increases in our fuel costs, force us to drive little dangerous green cars whether we want to or not. These are in the works right now — no dawdling as everything Obama does has to be done in a hurry as privately as possible. So far Obama’s administration has been as opaque as a sudden cloudburst. IS THIS SCARY? OVER THE TOP? I don’t think so.

So if Obama needs to be stopped, what can be done now? IT’S UP TO YOU AND ME. America has to first recognize Obama’s political issues for what they are, so we need to tell others, write letters to the editors, contact Senators and Representatives, call friends, and email your worries. DON’T JUST SIT BACK AND WORRY. DON’T MAKE LITTLE OF WHAT I WRITE ABOVE. THIS TREND TOWARD SOCIALISM CAN BE STOPPED, BUT IT WON’T BE IF WE SIT BACK COMPLACIENT. DO SOMETHING!

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