Conservative Issues: The Fearsome Foursome, True Megalomaniacs

by CJFosdick on December 2, 2009

“A Traitor is everyone (sic) who does not agree with me.”* Make an educated guess on who said this quote. Was it (1) A person from the liberal press? (2) Nancy Pelosi? (3) President Obama? (4) Harry Reid? (5) All of the above called “The Fearsome Foursome.” (6) Or none of the above?

#6 is the right answer. The person saying this was actually King George III absolute monarch of England during the American Revolution. This quote shows “his extreme megalomania”. He was insane, and during his reign he suffered no less that five nervous breakdowns. By 1811, he was judged irredeemably insane and locked up in a padded cell for the remainder of his life. He continued to be king during this time and died in 1820.*

Now if you picked any one of the first three answers or if you checked The Fearsome Foursome, you certainly would be on the right track. Obama, Nancy, Harry, and the Liberal Press ALL ACT AS IF anyone who disagrees with them IS A TRAITOR TO THEIR IDEOLOGY AND GOALS FOR AMERICA, even if these are not the goals for most Americans. The Fearsome Foursome will not put up with any dissention. They are true Megalomaniacs. They view themselves as absolute rulers and this is very worrisome to those of us who believe in Conservative Issues and the Constitution.

Obama is first, as the others take their cues from him. We, of course, knew before the election how thin skinned Obama was. Remember, we could not mention the size of his ears as he had been teased about them as a schoolboy. We couldn’t talk about his middle name, even though now as president, he fondly mentions his middle name himself. Remember, Joe, the Plumber? A private citizen that Obama and gang tried to destroy because he disagreed with Obama on “sharing the wealth”. They tried to obliterate Joe.

Going further, after the election,  Think of how Obama, Nancy, Harry, and the press have denigrated the greedy insurance companies as villains, along with greedy doctors, greedy drug companies, the greedy U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and, in fact, any “greedy entity” they can blame for the current high cost of healthcare.

Think of the people who protested the Health Care Legislation in the August Tea Parties. They were consistently slammed, being called “Right Wing Terrorists”, “Nazi”, and other derogatory names by Nancy, Harry, et-al, simply because they wanted answers to the maze of healthcare reforms being shoved down their throats. Traitors? Not hardly! JUST AMERICAN CITIZENS PRACTICING THEIR RIGHTS OF FREE SPEECH AS GUARANTEED BY THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION.

Then there was a concerted effort on the part of the Fearsome Four to destroy Rush Limbaugh. They did not destroy Rush, nor can they ever, but they did put a stop to his becoming part owner of an NFL football team with their lies. Very sad! Next in line was Fox News Channel — yes, an actual major news and commentary network that displeased their royal highnesses. And, once again, Sarah Palin is being attacked, mocked, scorned — you name it — anything they can think of to OBLITERATE HER — forever, if they can.

The Fearsome Foursome ARE dangerous. They will NOT tolerate any criticism. Like all total dictators, any disagreement with them is seen as sedition, and the people doing it as double-crossing traitors. Efforts by the fearsome foursome are made to demolish those who criticize them. They are no longer listening those who elected them. Our right to freedom of speech? Under constant attack by the Fearsome Foursome.

I believe that Americans will rise up in a revolt unlike any ever seen on American shores if this censorship continues. This is an ongoing problem and AMERICANS NEED TO BE AWARE OF this power-hungry administration. LIKE ALL absolute rulers, RESTRAINTS MUST BE PUT ON the Obama Administration and those who enable him, BEFORE THIS CENSORSHIP GETS WORSE.

“If the freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”**

*From: King George III of England, 1780 to 1820: History Book Club, Desk Calendar 2009; History Book Club, 2008, New York, New York.

**From: President George Washington: History Book cub, Desk Calendar 2008, History Book Club, 2007, New York, New York

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