The Obmanation of America

by CJFosdick on April 5, 2012

(The Obamanation was formally called the United States of America. This change has not yet happened, but could if we do not stop Obama. Think twice before voting for him again in 2012, thus giving him a second term.)

We can’t say he didn’t warn us. We can’t say we are surprised at the massive changes he has wrought in three years. The “Obamination” he is busy creating is so far from the freedom-loving America of even a few years ago, that every American, Liberal, Independent, Conservative, Libertarian, or even the Uninvolved should be alarmed.

“When we are free, we can create wealth.” James Robeson

The major issue of the election of 2008 was America’s economy, which had been devastated in a few days in September, 2008, before Obama was elected. Up until then, McCain/Palin were ahead in the poles. They lost, and Obama won with a landslide and became President of the United States. Today, well into the fourth year of Obama’s Presidency, the economy is still the top issue and it has become clear that “Obamanomics” has just not worked. It is likewise clear that the “Obamanation” Obama is creating is the wrong path for America to travel down. Please keep in mind that there are many more matters to worry about than just the state of our economy. We should all worry about the State of America.

At the start of 2012, there seems to be a few rays of light on the horizon indicating that economic growth has started, but it has been very slow and extremely nebulous. “People have to feel improving economic conditions in their bones; it has to be real to them personally, not just a statistic put out by the government.” So says Larry Sabato. “Most Americans are not yet feeling the slight improvement told to us by the government.”

But if this improvement in our economy is true, if there actually is some improvement, this is great news for America. Many have suffered far too long. When our economy has been so damaged, all most Americans could think about is the state of their pocketbook: how they can pay their bills, have money to pay their mortgage, and how to keep food on the table. Nothing else seemed to matter.

When we are free of the awful gut-wrenching oppressive fear most Americans have been under, we will be free to create wealth again. Equally important, this improvement, even if minor, can clear our minds to think of other important issues perpetuated by Obama that need to be carefully explored before the election of 2012. I will call how he is changing our beloved country into the “Obamanation of America”. When explored, the Obamanation of America is even more scary than the bleak economic picture we have been growing through.

Obama is making his changes, not through the passage of laws. He has often gone on record that he does not need Congress. Now he is attacking and bullying the supreme Court to vote in favor of his Obamacare legislation. He is changing America with rules and regulations made him and his appointed people he surrands himself with. In the first three years of Obama’s presidency, he and they passed a whopping 106 major new rules to govern our lives. These are costing $45 billion, added to our debt. Right now, Obama is figuring out how to get the controversial Cap and Trade legislation into law with new rules and regulations. This bill passed the Democratic House early in the Obama presidency, but never passed the Senate. Obama’s own words tell us that the cost of electricity and other sources of energy will go up dramatically if he can get Cap and Trade into law. Right now he is well into enacting these rules and regs on the coal industry with the help of the EPA. Of course, this would add to Obama’s power. Debt and Deficit are out of control. Everything seems out of control. Everything is backward right now to what it should be to help small businesses grow, according to Kurt Schilling, former baseball player turned small businessman.

Take heed, fellow Americans. America, the Shining City on the Hill is rapidly turning into the Obamanation. I will be writing more on the dangers of the Obamanation of America in future blogs. Don’t take my word for this, however. Do your own research.

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