The Plan to Defeat Trump

by CJFosdick on October 24, 2016

When all else fails, bring out the gossip, the more shocking, the better. It has been obvious for sometime that there has been an all-out assault by media sources, the Clinton campaign, and both Democrat and Republican power mongers who want the system to stay the same, and to do so, the need for Trump to lose the election. Not too many inroads had been made in destroying Trump until a couple of weeks ago when day after day, when women crawled out of the woodwork with tales of how Trump had made sexual advances on them, some perhaps as long as thirty-five years ago.  None have come forward to claim a Trump sexual attack that happened recently, but all say they happened at least nine or ten years ago. Odd!

This came after the release of a tape of Trump talking to a Hollywood elite about how he (Trump) liked to treat a woman. It was shocking, but it happened eleven years ago, long before Trump was in politics. He was a private citizen, a self-made billionaire, a famous real estate tycoon, and a well-liked star on a popular reality TV show. At this time, in popular movies, every other word was a swear word, often the including the “F” word. Sit-coms had gotten so “dirty” many people quit watching them, and both men and women swore all the time, even out in public. As a teacher I had to fight students all the time to keep them from swearing in class. I have to remind you to remember the historic period when this transpired. It was a much more vulgar world, in some ways, than is today’s world.

Let us look at some of the accounts of Trump attacks by women. First, they came right after the release of the tape of Trump’s locker talk, four on the first day, then one or two a day after that.  I think they are up to eleven at this time. Apparently no one knew any of these attacks previously. None were reported to the police, they did not make the headlines as one would think when a famous man like Trump was involved, nor were, apparently, any friends or relatives stepping up now to confirm that the incident actually happened. But people today have been shocked; many who had planned to vote for Trump changed their minds, including Republicans like Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House. Trump’s ratings fell and many main street news sources reported him dropping like a stone.

Now we have to ask ourselves are these sexual accounts true, or maybe even partly true?  Just using common sense, I personally say that they certainly bring some vivid pictures to our minds, yet many defy our logical thought process. For example, one lady claimed that Trump was all over her like an octopus. According to her, this happened about thirty-five years ago in the first class section of an airplane, not in the privacy of a secluded room. Other passengers, flight attendants, and goodness-knows-who were around to see and give her help if she screamed. She said she couldn’t get away from the “octopus”. Surely someone there would have noticed something and as famous as Trump was, would have started the gossiping flying around, even if they didn’t offer help. Then she said after about fifteen minutes (this went on for fifteen minutes???) Trump reached up under her skirt. Really? There is a little thing called a arm rest between passengers that would make it difficult to reach over, get your hand down far enough to get under her shirt and then reach up to touch her. You’d have to have a rubber band for an arm to be able to do that. Then she said she got up and went to the back of the plane.  One man has stepped forward saying he was in the seat beside Trump and the woman, and this never happened, but of course we don’t know if this is true or not.

Another lady said she was standing beside Trump in front of the Trump Tower elevator, when he reached over suddenly and forced her to kiss him. Again in front of other people? Didn’t wait to get into the elevator where hopefully it would be empty and he could steal a kiss in privacy,  Trump is NOT stupid, nor would he want to ruin his reputation. He would not just grab someone out in public and force a kiss on her. I seriously doubt this tale.

A third woman went into a long, detailed account that apparently happened in the Trump living quarters. It was quite a compelling tale, and very well delivered. She then paused dramatically and I found myself waiting anxiously see what happened next . She then turned a page from what she was reading and I knew this whole account was fiction. No woman who has been molested would have to read an account of it. She would know it.  It would be etched in her memory.

No accounts have been made that he did this in the last six or so years. In others words, apparently, no one is reporting his womanizing conduct after 2010.  That to me seems odd. Why not? There is, to date, apparently no proof any of these accounts are true and on many of them, common sense says they didn’t happen, at least not the way the women reported them. Yet they are still trickling in about one every day or two.

Why are these women not dumping their tales all on the same day? HMMM!!! Seems possible all these reports are being strung out for days just to keep Trump from winning the election. Nothing like a little vicious gossip to ruin someone’s reputation, especially when it is kept alive on-going for weeks right before the election. Remember, desperate people do desperate things.

This is not the first time the Democrats have used this tactic. Remember Herman Cain, presidential candidate in 2012. His election chances were ruined by a woman accusing Herman of a sexual attack. She had to read her account, too. I heard later it was proven to be a lie.

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