The Republican Horse Race: At the Starting Gate, Part 1

by CJFosdick on August 25, 2011

The Republican field of candidates for the 2012 election was at the starting line, snorting and vying to be the first out of the gate. This is more than a horse race. It is not only a marathon, but also a steeplechase. The course is long and arduous, full of scary jumps, roadblocks, and dangers. Several “horses” have been in training for months, getting ready for the big race. The horses are here and the first sprint of the race is ready to start, and start it did.

Fox News sponsored the second debate for the Republican candidates on 8/11/2011. This much anticipated debate has set the stage for the Iowa Caucus held on Saturday after the debate. The stage for the debate was a star-studded vision replete with bright lights and glowing reflections, a perfect setting for the hopefuls via to get the ultimate prize, the Republican nomination for the President of the United States.

The eight on the stage all held their own, nobody boo-booed very badly, and all in all the debate made credible appearances. For those of us watching, we had a chance to view the eight together, hear their views, see their reactions, and start the lengthy process of choosing our favorite out of the herd. Contrary to the common chatter of the day that the Republican field is weak with nobody equal to the job of being president, I believe we have a strong collection of candidates. I think many of them would make a good president. I personally am excited about those we have to choose from and want to see and hear more of what they have to offer before making my own personal choice, especially before we know that everyone who is thinking of running actually gets in the race.

There’s no hurry, folks. We have plenty of time to decide. The advice from here is to get as informed as much as possible, weigh pros and cons of each candidate, and don’t let inside pundits overly influence you. Of course, listen to a variety of them. They often have good ideas, politics are a major part of their lives, and they are both knowledgeable and astute. What I am trying to tell you is you need to make up your own mind. There are a myriad issues to think about, the candidates ideas on solving America’s economic woes, their stand on national defense, what they would do to solve our problems on the border, and their take on a much-needed energy policy, just to name a few. You should also include in you deliberation intrinsic behavior exhibited by the candidates such as leadership, people skills, and negative-type campaigning. How strong are they? How well can they rally the troops? Will they cave when the going gets tough? Will they admit it when they have made a mistake? Are they thin-skinned and unable to take criticism? Do they blame everyone else but themselves? I believe it fine to have candidates who criticize another on their views and past record, but who do not indulge in negative character assassination tactics.

All the candidates have strong points and weak points. This is part of being human. Don’t expect to find “Fabulous Fav”. A person’s weaknesses will be a part of the picture. Try to spot these and make sure this weakness won’t keep your choice from being a good president. The past record of the candidate is vital in spotting weaknesses and how well this person is able to overcome, to “soldier on” to become a better person, and to learn from mistakes. It is important to learn your candidates view for America’s future. “Hope and change” is not a view for America’s future. It is a campaign slogan, in the same way that “I like Ike”, or “Tippecanoe and Tyler*, too”. Both these slogans helped Ike and Tyler win the presidency as did “Hope and change” did for Obama. But none of these shed any light on the person’s view of America.

Now, if your choice does not make the cut and is out of the race, pick another choice. Like I say, the horses are just lining up for the first sprint in a long race. In the elimination of one candidate after another someone good should finish this horse race and be a champion thoroughbred to represent the Republican Party in November 2012.

Our first and foremost concern is to get Obama voted out of office in 2012.

News Flash: Michelle Bachmann is the winner of the first sprint, the Iowa Straw Vote. She campaigned hard and is definitely a good candidate to watch closely. Congratulations, Michelle. We out here in Folkland appreciate your candidacy for American values and for supporting the Tea Party Ideas so well.

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