The Republican Kentucky Derby

by CJFosdick on May 7, 2015

I have had the privilege of listening to all of the Republican candidates announcements for the Presidency except for Fiorina’s. (The reason I didn’t listen to her’s was that she was giving her speech at the same time as Ben Carson, but I have heard many of her ideas and I like what I hear. So far, there are six confirmed candidates sign up to run in the Republican Kentucky Derby. It is going to be a long, arduous trek to get to the race itself and there will be more entered into the running.

But the bottom line here is that of all the horses now entered, I think they are all thoroughbreds, all very capable of winning the derby, and all being capable of winning the triple crown, i.e. the presidency. Wow! Unheard of. Yes, I like the list of candidates — everyone of them. I could end up voting for any of them. I could see any of them the Republican candidate for President. I could see anyone of them as being president, and having a successful Presidency.

I have never felt this way and I have actively followed every campaign and voted in every Presidential election since I was 21 (the age young people were allowed to vote back then) Yes, I do have a few favorites and I added ne today, Mike Huckabee. He seemed dynamic, on fire, vibrant, and full of purpose, purpose to fix all the problems facing America today, both foreign and domestic. He has experience, having been governor of Arkansas and has an impressive record there.

However, I’ve got more favorites. I really like Marco Rubio and Ben Carson. Perhaps their biggest liability is their lack of experience with managing a business or a government. But this might be a blessing, too, because folks are fed up with the politics in the Federal Government.

The candidate I know the least about is Fiorina, but she also has an impressive “pedigree”. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are also, so if any of these win the derby and gets into the Triple Crown race, there are none I wouldn’t vote for 100%. GO REPUBLICANS. GO, FIGHT, WIN. Any of you. We have a great field running in the Republican Kentucky Derby. I’ll wager on one of the field to win.

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