The Repulican Horse Race: The That Old-Fashioned Thing Called Character

by CJFosdick on September 1, 2011


Part 2:

I believe the most important and essential trait we must look for in our candidate for President is character. I know, to many, character is an old-fashioned idea. I feel, however, honesty is of utmost importance in our leaders.* Integrity and honor should be the essence of a leader’s character. If we can pick a candidate strong on these characteristics, then we will have picked a winner.

John McCain, 2008 Republican candidate for President, has character. In fact, his very character was used against him when he was campaigning for President. He tried to avoid using negative tactics against his rival, Obama. Obama used John’s character against him by making McCain look weak and out of control of his campaign. McCain was and is a man of strong convictions and moral fiber. He went through a literal hell as a prisoner of war in the Viet Nam War for five years — five long years of daily beatings and torture so horridness we cannot even imagine what the day in and day out living could have been like. A weaker man would have never lived to see the day he was liberated. John came back from that experience a stronger better man and has since served his country honestly and with honor ever since. McCain is a true American hero and we Americans must never forget his service, his sacrifice, and his fortitude in the face of hopelessness. He is not only a survivor but an inspiration to us all.
But, unfortunately, the ways of many politicians are often dirty, underhanded, and even corrupt. The American public, when asked, will say that they don’t like negative campaigning; however, studies show that these tactics work. Sometimes it is not even the candidate that campaigns dirty, but the people behind the candidate. We must realize this unfortunate angle of political warfare and take this into consideration when picking a candidate. We must take the time to investigate more about our candidates and not believe everything we hear. We out here in the trenches probably know so little of what actually goes on behind the scenes in the rough and tumble world of politics, that we probably wouldn’t believe it if we did find out.

Keep in mind, money can have a very corrupting influence on a candidate and his moral fiber. Money speaks. This is one thing I hate about modern politics. Obama has pledged to raise a billion dollars to run his 2012 presidential campaign. He has already had something like 40 fundraisers since he announced his run for a second term, (In the same period of time, Bush had three fund-raisers.) Obama’s fundraising trips have been all at taxpayer expense in Air Force 1 and have taken him away from Washington many, many days that he should have been working on America’s massive economic problems. This is, after all, what he promised, “I will roll up my sleeves, get busy, and never stop working on the economy until every person who wants a job has one.” Nice sounding words, Mr. President, but unfortunately, actions speak louder than words. Sadly, the one who earns the most usually wins. Political winners are no longer based on picking the best candidate, but rather on the one with the most wealth.

I believe one of two of the major problems with Obama as a president is that he is lacking in character. (His other main problem is his flawed vision of Sharing the Wealth for America’s future.) His honesty and integrity are deficient. He appears to lie nearly everyday, or else he is unable to make up his mind and stick with a plan. Either way, this is a character flaw. He has the business world so messed up they are sitting on money they could invest in jobs and expansion, if they dared. They don’t know from one day to the next what new government regulation will come down that affects their business. They are worried about paying more taxes that will eat away their often slim profit margins. After all, Obama says daily that American corporations need to pay more in taxes (he calls it paying their fair share.) They are afraid to do anything.

Finally, Obama, in every speech he makes, pits one group of Americans against other groups. He harps on his ideas that the rich are not paying their fair share and the poor are victims of the filthy rich. Again, this is a character flaw of Obama’s. This very week, massive, bloody riots have been raging in the United Kingdom for days. As I understand the problem, it is the poor rioting against the wealthy. The rioters have caused millions of dollars in property damage, theft has run rampant, and they have left bloodied bodies of the dead, wounded, and dying in their wake. Think this cannot happen in America? If Obama and the Democrats he leads keep harping on the idea that the rich don’t pay their fair share and the poor are the losers here in America, this will just foment more and more anger and rage in Americans until one group will react with mob violence and kill, injure, and destroy someplace somewhere here in America. In fact, look at what the Flash Gangs of roving destructive youth are doing right now in Pennsylvania. The President of the United States must be above such divisive ploys splitting America into armed, hate-filled, and threatening camps. He is, after all, the President of the whole United States, not just the people he feels can do him the most good politically.
Character matters in our Presidents!
*Said by Theodore Roosevelt

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Leonardinho December 14, 2015 at 1:40 pm

I love how so many bloggers are paasionste and engaged about the elections! It’s so important to exercise this right and privilege, and with your options, it can certainly be done in style 🙂 I think I love the second option more, but they are both fabulous!xx Ivana


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