The Tournament

by CJFosdick on October 18, 2011

The gauntlet has been thrown. The dueling knights in full armor face each other on the field. In earlier, happier days, they had been full brothers, each supporting the same causes and each fighting the same fights. But not now.

The Blue-Sky Knight on the powerful black stallion was ready, the great warhorse snorting fire and rage, pawing the earth, ready to go on a rampage, eager to lung forward, and charge into the fray. The Green Knight on the mighty white stallion was ready, too. His horse trembled in anticipation of the war to come, exhaling icy chills, cooling the parched earth all around. Terror smote the crowd watching. Which would win? Which would be the victor, the one to carry the torch of their cause forward? The crowd watched, waited with abated breaths.

The Blue-Sky Knight carried his shield held high. The shield was a blue field with white clouds. Above the clouds, the image of a noble eagle soared far above. The shield of the Green Knight was green with pictures of rows and rows of wind machines, all going back into the infinity of space, just tiny specks, then nothingness. The mass of wind machines boggled the mind of the audience. There were so many, huge ugly contraptions, with more being built all the time, often with King Obama’s blessing and using the folks’ tax money to buy the machines from China, ship them to America, clutter the beauty of America’s landscape, and destroy the delicate balance of nature, obliterating animal habitats, and killing wildlife willy-nilly.

Yes, it was the Environmentalists doing battle with the Ecologists. Both want to save Planet Earth from the ravishes wrought by humankind. One would think since they both believe that humans are killing our planet, the causes they believe in so profoundly would interact and they would be fighting together to save earth from ourselves. They used to. Not so now! The rows and rows of wind machines that are strung across the California landscape kill thousands and thousands of birds.

Thus, there is a growing debate over wind farms that are providing green energy, are also driving to extinction numerous wildlife species. The giant wind machines in California kill an average of 1000 birds a day, many on the endangered species list and are slaughtering migratory birds, too. For an individual, killing just one bald eagle, for example, is against federal law and is punishable by a $10,000 fine or being sent to a Federal Prison for one to five years, your choice. Exxon had to pay a $600,000 fine when 82 migratory birds were accidentally killed because they touched crude oil at a refinery. A utility company had to pay a $2 million fine when about 200 eagles got tangled up in their power lines. But there is a double standard today when it comes to clean-green energy. The green folks have paid zero, that is nothing, in fines for killing thousands and thousands of birds. One thousand birds killed each day, average, comes out to a total of 365,000 birds killed a year. Shocked? I am.

A spokesman for the Green Knight says, “We have to balance all needs of society. We need the energy. Thirty-three percent of California’s energy has to be from green power. We could reduce the eagle population a great deal and it would not be much of a problem. Besides, (and here is the kicker—the argument that clinches the Greener’s logic) we have out-of-state investors wanting to invest billions of dollars in green energy in California, and this will bring in jobs. So, state and local governments have not brought any charges against green energy developers who are killing hundreds of thousands of birds a year.

Of course, the endangered eagle, symbol of America’s greatness, could conceivably be wiped out entirely. This has happened before. In the 1800s, Passenger Pigeons were so plentiful, that they formed black clouds overhead and seemed to go on forever. But the squab (baby birds) was a delicacy to folks in the east, so the birds were shot into oblivion. The last Passenger Pigeon died about mid 18th century. The American Bison almost faced the same fate. Herds of bison so vast there seemed no end to them roamed over the western American Plains. No one could even conceive of the west without massive herds of bison. However, railroads brought hundreds of “sportsmen” west to shoot the bison from the back of trains. They decimated the herds, never to run wild on the western plains again. Luckily, a few survived so that today, the American bison still lives on private ranches, reserves, and places like Yellowstone National Park. So to foresee the demise of the mighty eagle killed from the wind machines crowding more and more into America’s wide open spaces is a distinct possibility. Will anyone care if the noble eagle is no more? Will parents have to show their kids pictures of a now extinct eagle, but never have the chance to see one out in the wild? Or even in a zoo? Could happen!

Thus, the tournament started. The great stallions charged forward full tilt towards each other, the knights holding their lances firm, each hoping to unseat his opponent, and win the tournament. In the end, both riders ended in the dirt — bloodied, disheveled, and gasping for breath. But each knight would live to fight another day. It looks from here as if the eventual winner will be the Green Knight. The Blue-Sky Knight, although having much power in the past, has gone out of favor with the crowd and really has not much chance of saving the birds and animals he so desperately wants to save. Money talks and the Green Knight has the power of the government(s) helping him. King Obama not only cheers him on, but provides much needed funds and support to help the Green Knight win. The king seems to be saying, “Screw the eagles.” Information taken from Fox News Channel on 8/16/2011

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