The Very Unfunny David Letterman: Attack of Palin

by CJFosdick on June 12, 2009

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David Letterman’s recent attack on Sarah Palin and her fourteen year-old daughter shows how far this once humorous comedian has sunk. My husband and I quit watching Letterman years ago for this reason. Letterman, in essence, suggested rape by not just one, but two older men on an underage girl. Does not Letterman realize he is justifying statutory rape? It certainly sounds so.

The political scene is in a turmoil as people protest. I personally am outraged. Conservatives are outraged. Liberals are outraged. NOW (National Organization of Women) has even taken a stand against Letterman, perhaps for the first time supporting a conservative woman. This cultural issue profoundly affects all of America, as we watch more and more grossness and offensiveness enter into our lives, and less and less restraint and good taste remain. Societal curbs that kept such shocking comments off our airwaves and out of our public lives are gone. Today there seem to be no bans on what comes out of the mouths of boorish comedians and ignorant commentators bent on shocking the populace, and getting ratings. Shock us enough …
Well, you certainly have, Letterman.

As we in the sane world of America try desperately to teach our young, boys and girls both, right from wrong, and set limits on their behavior, Letterman-types throw all boundaries under the bus, all for the sake of a laugh, or for ratings. What he did was sick and he didn’t even have the good sense to really apologize. “Am I sorry I said that? I think maybe I am.”

Apologies won’t hack it, here, Letterman. Who are you to sit in judgment of any teenager in today’s world? Did you not have a baby out of wedlock yourself? Believe me, any parent today knows the pitfalls of raising children in such a permissive atmosphere. What you said advocated breaking the law. You made a supposed joke about older men molesting a young girl. You gave permission to sex offenders to do so, this as Bill O’Reilly and others fight to get Jessica’s Law passed nationwide to stop such horrendous crimes against our young. Do you realize that if even one such predisposed sex offender thinks your sick comments gives him/her the go-ahead to defile an innocent life, you will be guilty also. And the really sick thing! People laughed. Some today are even trying to justify what you said. THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION! THERE IS NO EXCUSE. YOU, LETTERMAN, ARE GUILTY OF A CRIME AGAINST THE YOUTH OF AMERICA! SHAME! ON YOU!

If you agree Letterman was out of line for comments about Sarah Palin. (and every father with a daughter should)  I urge you to boycott Letterman’s sponsors, contact his network and let them know it was out of line.
Letterman’s sponsors:
On The Border Restaurants
Best Western
My Degree
True Credit by TransUnion
Mars Candy
Capitol One
Embassy Suites
Mail boxes of the CBS higher-ups:,
CBS: 212-975-4321
File a FCC complaint for obscenity:

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