VOTE!! Your Duty; Not Your Right!

by CJFosdick on October 30, 2014

“For every freedom Americans have, there is an equal and corresponding duty.”   —Author Unknown


If indeed America is on the decline, only we Americans can stop this. If we want the continuum of passing on America’s greatness to future Americans, we all need to get involved. We must each do what we can to stop the decline that seems so apparent. We must do more to set examples to our young, to give them a future worth living. We cannot ourselves continue being apathetic and uninterested in America’s future. We need to see that our children get an education. An uneducated public cannot know how to vote without the tools to make up their own minds on the various and often complex issues of a modern world. We need teach our young they have to be strong, to have courage, to take a stand against behavior they know is wrong, and to believe there is a future worth fighting for.

Millions of Americans are already doing what they can to reach out and make changes in America’s future. Millions are giving to those less fortunate than they. Millions are good, decent citizens raising good decent children to become good, decent citizens. We are bombarded with bad news; crisis after crisis mount up until we are “crisis weary”. We worry and fret about our own personal futures. We worry and fret about the future of our country. We worry and fret about what is going on in the world. Just as in our on personal lives, only we can change our circumstance and rekindle dreams we once had. Only Americans working together can keep America a strong and vibrant country, and solve problems affecting most of us. Only Americans can be aware of problems threatening us from overseas and take steps to prevent these problems from destroying America. As Americans we are all in this together and the more we can work together to solve mutual problems, the stronger America will become. Thus, we must not only strive to rekindle our own personal dreams; we must also strive to rekindle the American Dream of a good future for our youth.

One thing we can all do, whether we are 18 or 80; WE CAN ALL VOTE! If you care at all about America’s future you need to take the time to vote. One reason that Mitt Romney lost to Obama in 2012 is because about 3 million people who had voted Republican in 2008, did not vote in 2012. I believe that those of you of voting age who choose not to vote need to re-evaluate your priorities. I don’t care how upset you are at politics, how disinterested you are in current affairs, how much you want to just block the whole subject of becoming informed on the issues of the day and then voting, you are letting the rest of America down. The strength of America depends on everyone doing their part to keep America strong and vibrant. Voting is one way to do this. Take the time to get informed and then VOTE!







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