War in Afghanistan: Mr. President, do the Right Thing

by CJFosdick on October 5, 2009

I believe an area where Obama has done the right thing so far has been his stance on the War in Afghanistan. When campaigning before the election, he said this war was the right war — the war we had to win. In February, as President, he said the same thing and pledged both more money and more troops to win this war. Now, nine months into his presidency, he is waffling on the Afghan War.

In recent days, we have found out that Obama has talked only once in seventy days to General McChrystal, the commander Obama named by Obama to be in charge of the Afghan War. Once! I find it unbelievable that Obama, our Commander in Chief, the head of all of America’s armed forces, has not had at least weekly phone conferences with McChrystal.

Going further, we found out that McChrystal at the end of August requested 40,000 more U.S. troops in Afghanistan if we are to win the war. Without this boost in troops, it is McChrystal’s opinion that America will lose this war. The end of August is a month ago. Time is of the essence, yet Obama if fiddling on McChrytal’s request, like Nero fiddled when Rome was burning. Obama wants to make sure he gets it right and he says it might be weeks, months before he, our Commander in Chief, decides what to do. Keep in mind it took Obama five days to approve shooting at Somali pirates who had seized our ship. Five days in which our sailors could have easily been killed. Why so long, Mr. President? Now, he wants weeks or months that might make the difference of winning or losing this vital war. Al Qaeda is gaining strength now, not a few months from now. Nothing is more important than finding the right strategy to win our war against terrorists. Weeks or months more as our troops are being killed. Are not our American soldiers worth saving now? Have soldiers’ lives become so cheap in you eyes, Mr. President,  that a few more deaths won’t matter? THIS IS A CRISIS! TREAT IT LIKE ONE.

Of course, the real sticky wicket here is that many liberal Democrats are putting pressure on Obama to just get out of the Afghan War entirely. Lose the war to terrorists just like America lost the war in Vietnam. I’m sure politics is part of why Obama is waffling. In addition, when it is in Obama’s interest to get something pushed through Congress, it is always an emergency. It has to be done now, not tomorrow, and he pushes full force ahead with daily campaign-like speeches all over the country. The stimulus bill, healthcare, cap and trade, you name it, Obama has called all of these a crisis. But apparently not the Afghanistan War.

Mr. President, do the right thing. I urge you to decide the War in Afghanistan is top priority — an emergency. America cannot lose this war. To empower and embolden Al Qaeda by pulling out of Afghanistan will only make them far more dangerous in the future.

The whole Mid East is a caldron of bubbling unrest, where one misstep might plunge the world into a far bigger war than just the Afghan War. Mr. President, do the right thing. Give THIS WAR the attention it needs. Listen to General McChristian who has been over there fighting. He knows what we are up against. You have never fought in a war. Quit gadding all over the US and the World; quit listening to polls. You are in charge. Please act like the most powerful man in the world. Decide to win the Afghan War and get it implemented before any more American soldiers are killed. I implore you. DO THE RIGHT THING!

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