Why People Don’t Vote: Get off Your Uhh-huh and Go Vote

by CJFosdick on October 29, 2010

Conservative Issues: The Midterm Election of 2010

I heard recently that more people than ever are planning not to vote this coming election. Their reasons are many and varied, but it all boils down to one thing — the upcoming election is simply not as important to them as are other things in their lives. Their excuses for not voting are pretty standard with elections of the past: “Voting interferes with my job or my schooling.” “I’m sick,” “My vote won’t count anyway,” or “I’m just not interested.”* I’ll add another reason, Overkill. We have heard nothing but speculation about the Election Day after day, week after week for months now. If Americans are not sick of it, they should be. These are the main reasons why millions of qualified voters, even registered voters, don’t get off their duffs and vote.

One more is being added this year, disillusionment. Many young voters in particular voted in the 2008 election because they believed Obama was going to change the world and their hopes ran high, you know, Obama’s hope and change message. Many realized, however, as time passed, that Obama was just another typical politician who broke campaign promises and had no magic in him at all. These disillusioned young people apparently decided, “Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice — no way. It ain’t gonna happen again. I just won’t vote this time.”

For many non-voters of the past, not voting has become a lifestyle choice. They never bother to vote. One such voter said, “”If you listen carefully, you will hear the same rhetoric you heard in the last fourteen elections. This person hasn’t voted since 1976. Another reason such long-term non-voters don’t vote is that they have an unfavorable view of both candidates.*

For the younger, disappointed voters, they’re not voting could likewise become a lifestyle choice. To begin with, the younger the voter, the less apt they are to vote in any election. Their lives revolve around themselves and they just cannot be bothered. They have a myriad of activities vying for their time and attention. They don’t think politics touch their lives at all.* Add to this attitude the terrible disappointment Obama gave them these last two years and they may never vote again. Disillusionment and cynicism take away any incentive to vote. Obama is in high-campaign mode right now trying to woo young people back into the fold of the Liberal dogma, but young voters remain unenthusiastic. Apathy and discontent are upper most. One young person who does not vote states it this way, “Not voting is a way of expressing dissatisfaction…”*

It is unfortunate that so many Americans do not take more interest in the whole election process than they do. Voting is not just a democratic privilege, it is a democratic right. The more people who do not take the time to inform themselves of the issues and candidates, get registered, and go vote, the more our democracy will be lost to “We the People” and the more we will lose control of our government. The indifference of voters can lead to more and more government interference in our lives than we have now. IT IS TYPICAL OF GOVERNMENTS TO TRY TO GAIN AS MUCH POWER AS POSSIBLE OVER ITS CITIZENS AND IT IS ONLY THROUGH INTEREST AND PARTICIPATION BY THE CITIZENS IN A DEMOCRACY THAT A GOVERNMENT’S NATURAL URGE TO GAIN POWER CAN BE THWARTED.

All I can say to you who don’t vote, “Get off your uhh-huhs and go vote. You are an American. Don’t just sit around and think your vote doesn’t matter. Don’t think American citizens cannot lose our freedoms. VOTING IS YOUR DUTY AND YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!”

*Many facts and information in this blog came from: Vox Magazine, “Why People Don’t Vote”

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