by CJFosdick on October 26, 2010


Well, some have. However, a good 30% of Independent voters still have not made up their minds on who to vote for in the upcoming election. The Independents make up a major voting bloc in American politics; with 40% of voters registered Independence. Independents are interesting. They are neither Democrats nor Republicans, but say they vote for the individual rather than the party. Thus, how they will vote is hard to predict. They might vote partly Republican and partly Democratic in the same election. They have a myriad of different reasons why they vote as they do, even voting for someone because he/she appeals to them.

More and more voters are changing their party affiliations and registering as Independents, so that today, their voting can change the results of an election. And with 30% still undecided, many elections might end up entirely different from what the polls are showing now.

Combined with the undecided Independent vote is that many polls are right now are showing a tightening of what had looked like definite Republican wins now being in trouble with the Democrats gaining and races closing.

The message? We Republicans need to take from the above messages is that it is very important that every one of us show up and vote. The predicted sweep of Republican candidates taking over both the House and the Senate could be in trouble. IT ALL DEPENDS US — YOU AND ME — AND OUR ACTUALLY VOTING. AS REPUBLICANS, WE WILL HAVE NO ONE TO BLAME BUT OURSELVES IF WE FAIL TO VOTE AND WE DON’T WIN THE RACES in which we have led in poll after poll for weeks now. There is an awful lot riding on this election. Obama, Nancy, and Harry’s agenda is not good for America and the only way to stop these megalomaniacs is by voting out as many Democrats as we can thereby weakening the power lock Democrats have had on the country for the last two years.

Make your plans now to get your vote in. Encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same. This is the most important election we have had in years, if ever in our lifetimes. VOTE!

“IF YOU ELECT CLOWNS TO CONGRESS, IT DOESN’T MATTER IF THEY ARE ILLITERATE; THEY WON’T READ THE BILLS THEY PASS ANYWAY.” Mike Huckabee. Democrats made it clear that they had not read the 22,000 page Health Care Bill before they passed it. Nancy Pelosi said as soon it passed, “We had to pass it to see what this bill said.” DO YOUR SHARE. Help VOTE THE CLOWNS OUT.

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